Maria B. RaggioMy name is Maria B. Raggio. I am originally from Peru but I have lived in the United States for 15 years.

When I was in Peru I studied pursued and received two degrees: One specializing in Programming & Analysis and the other specializing in Graphic Design.

I arrived in the United States in 2000 and since then have become a United States Citizen.

I completed my degree in IT Web Design from ECPI (Electronic Computer Programming Institute). I am now studying and pursuing my certificates in Advanced Web Development and Web Graphic Design at Wake Technical Community College.

Everything I study and the projects I work on are extensions of my love for art. The internet is my passion; it is another medium for me to use to express my love for painting and Graphic Arts. I am Peruvian (Latin) and you can see how my heritage influences my work in some ways.

I really love programming. I sometimes need to spend hours dedicating myself to getting things ‘just right’, as I said, it is my passion. The satisfaction I get from being able to use my imagination and knowledge to create WEB graphical ‘Art’ are the main reasons I get so much gratification; not only with my assigned projects, but from every WEB page I work on, design and/or develop.

I put in total effort, using all of the knowledge that I learn through my classes and from my peers and instructors.

I think that what I do is because I enjoy programming and I love to design and create what to me is beautiful art. It conveys meaning,  promotes commerce and allows me to express myself all while contributing to the spread of information at the same time.